Almost all businesses today use digital technology. For many roles, you need to understand how to use digital skills to help the business thrive. With our level 2 Digital Skills for Work qualification, you'll learn how to apply digital skills more effectively in a business setting. You will learn how to identify sources of information to meet business needs, how to collect and store important data the right way, and how to use online meeting technology to collaborate with others. 


Learners would choose units based on development needs: 


Mandatory units 
Improving Productivity Using IT 

Optional units 
Bespoke Software 
IT Communication Fundamentals 
Using Collaborative Technologies 
Data Management Software 
Desktop Publishing Software 
Drawing and Planning Software 
Design Software 
Using Email 
Imaging Software 
Using the Internet 
IT Security for Users 
Using Mobile IT Devices 
Multimedia Software 
Optimise IT System Performance 
Personal Information Management Software 
Project Management Software 
Presentation Software 
IT Software Fundamentals 
Spreadsheet Software 
IT User Fundamentals 
Word Processing Software 
Website Software 

Certificate in IT user skills